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Quotes by warriorsgoalie31

Love me or hate me, its still an obsession
Love me or hate me, that is the question.
If you love me then Thank you!
If you hate me then f... you!

Background&Words= a light purple and the words in a dark blue.
Italicize....love me and thank you
Bold...question, hate me, and f... you
Underline..obsession,question, thank you and f... you


Heres a toast to all who hear me all too well, heres to the niights we felt alive ;; heres to the tears ud knew ud cry ;; heres to goodbye tomorrows gonna come too soon.

Editzzz:: Background in a dark gray
arrows light blue and out somewhere in white.
the rest in the pale blue and it looks awesome.
---->i thiink im F
For Y
u <----
How come of all the guys in my school you're the one i want to be with? How come of all my guy friends, you're the one that i end up sitting next to? How come of all your friends you pick me to give your extra money to and the chips you didn't eat? How come you always talk to me while we walk down the hallway back to our class?

How come i feel like im falling for you?
1st part:italicized in any color
2nd part:bold and underlined from like to the end of falling.