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i'm Riva...
i am one of those really deep inspirational people... 
that can be totally crazy and silly.

i absolutely love to dance and make friends

follow me and i will follow you... promise :)


Quotes by wavez24



FiFinally... everything is falling into place.


Being ignored isn't bad,
it means that you were noticed.


That feeling...
When you get a text
From him

Cuz I'm living in the moment... living out loud.
-Jason Mraz

My heart just broke a little:


I found out the true lyrics to Human by The Killers

The lyrics are, Are we human? Or are we denser? I always thought they were... or are we dancers? and I thought it was the most perfect song ever. But the song is good either way.

And who else thinks that...

witty should have and "aww" button,

 for the quotes that are too sad to favorite or because it would look like you support
something bad.




I just listened to Gotta Be You,

By One Direction
i love the song and i never knew it was sung by them... i am slowly turning into a Directioner.


go to thiswebsite 

it is  it is an amazing video... just watch it... the ENTIRE thing or you won't get it.
if you do, it will touch your heart. <3


Being confused is well,



That moment when you can't tell if he's flirting or just being nice.
makes  you  wonder ...