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 Heyya :)
Im Maddie, been awhile since ive been on witty!! but im back!!
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Quotes by well_i_would_never

I'm not fat..........I'm just so sexy that it overflows.
story of my life. nmq.

-Boys are like shoes.
The cuter they are
the more they hurt you.

Life would be perfect if sweat pants were sexy, mondays were fun, junk food
didn't make you fat, girls didn't cause so much drama, guys weren't so
confusing, nothing was regrettable and goodbyes only meant until

Dear Bestfriend,
I'm Here For You

Even If Its 3:00 Am

If Only Mosquitoes Sucked Fat Instead Of Blood....

The Awkward Eye Contact With People In Cars Next To You At Red Lights.

"If Shampoo Gets In Eyes, Rinse Immediately"

Nawwwww I'm Gonna Keep It In My Eye's ForEntertainment....