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Quotes by westcoastluke

I like the sound of rain
I like the sounds you make
We put the world away
We get so disconnected

Stop seeing the world in black and white. 

We're so
By morning, you'll be gone.
Not because I want you to leave.
Not because you want to leave.
But becase by morning, you'll be gone.
Poof; gone.
Isn't it funny
how one second you're
and the next you're
By morning, you'll be gone. 

Tweet from an old colleague: "Did you know the Titanic was an ACTUAL ship?!? "
Journal Entry // Minds eye
Real Life Voice Essay // Published 3/14/14

I can't begin to tell you what the real life is like. I can't begin to tell you what it's like being an "adult" in a world of adults. I can't began to tell you how boring all my friends grew up to be. The kids with the drugs grew up to be in jail, the kids with the grades grew up to be doctors. But me? I grew up to be free. I grew up living my own life not what the universities told me what to do. I grew up thinking I had to follow a business like path. I had to do this, I had to take this. But you know what I'm doing now? I'm running my own business. I'm doing what I wanted to do all along. I'm being free. I'm being me. I didn't follow the monstrosities of life. 
So if you began to think that your 7th grade boyfriend matters, or your bestfriend will grow up to be your bestfriend, or you'll never get into college for failing a test I'm here to prove you completely and utterly wrong. You are wrong. Ten years from now it won't matter who you dated. It won't matter the mistake you made when you were in gym class freshmen year. What will matter is how you choose to carry on with your life. What will matter is if you choose to be free, if you choose to sit in boring lectures on boring topics. What matters is you.

I want scars
covering my body; but I don't want wounds.

I just want the beauty of scars
Mapping out my life
on the canvas of my body.
Telling you a story.
What story?
Anything you want.
A n y t h i n g you want darling.

I want strong but delicate hands touching each
scar tenderly.
as if each white line of damaged tissue held me together like glue.
Journal Entry // Minds Eye
It's weird.
To go from everything.
To nothing.
In less than a few hours. 
The most beautiful thing
you'll ever see
is when someone is talking about something
they love.
I've never liked brown eyes. But your eyes are my favorite color.
I've never liked listnening to jazz music. But I love watching you listen to your favorite records.
I've never actually liked the smell of smoke. But I could bury my face into your clothes for the rest of my life.
I've never enjoyed burnt coffee. But when you burn it, it's the best thing in the world. 
I've never enjoyed the idea of love. But I love you.