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Question: So why do "friends" talk about you behind your back? Cause I thought if you were annoyed you would come confront me but guess I was wrong. But sweetie you might want to check the friend guidelines again. Give me a call when you do.
If your a bird, then I'm a bird. 
   -the notebook- 

Two weeks is all it took. For me to fall in love with you. 
                            - dear john-
I'm not deaf. Its called hearing impaired ever
heard of it?!
it's not summer without you 

  More of the Unforgettable Summer

2 weeks Earlier- "Amy!" John my best friend yelled jogging up to me in the crowded hallways. I spun around and smiled at John. Many girls were jealous that I Amy Hathaway was friends with this drop dead gorgeous guy. I never thought I was that pretty so it would make sense why girls would always whisper about me in the hallways. I was a medium height with light blue eyes and shoulder brown hair.

"Yeah?" I asked hoping it would be quick. I was heading to English class and Mrs. Potter would not be thrilled if I was late.

"Can I ask you a huge favor?"

"Sure what?"

"Can I borrow your notes for science?" John grinned sheepishly at me. I laughed but who could resist a grin like that.


"Amy you’re the best." John gave me a hug then jogged in the opposite direction.

 I could feel tingles all over from the shortest hug ever. I was just glad that summer would soon be starting. All I wanted was for ninth grade to be over. It seemed like the last week of school was dragging on and on. I walked into class and the first thing I noticed was instead of having uptight Mrs. Potter we had a gorgeous sub. Bright Blue eyes and dark brown curly hair. I quickly took a seat in the back of the room next to Jen. She put a piece of paper in front of me and looked toward the classroom. The sub walked to the chalk board and wrote his name, Mr. Brooks. I quietly opened up the piece of paper.

He is so hot! I looked over at Jen and smirked, I quickly glanced around the room to make sure Mr. Brooks wasn’t going to come over and read the note over my shoulder.

I know! I can’t believe he is going to be subbing and who knows for how long. It just sucks that we will never know if he’s single. I stopped writing when I heard people giggling at me. Jen was looking behind me so I quickly turned around and who was it and it no one other than Mr. Brooks. He reached over my shoulder and grabbed the piece of paper.

“Don’t tell me you to are passing notes. I should be giving you a detention but I have a better idea.” He stated then starting reading off the note and Jen and I could not stop blushing. I mean who would do such a thing but then Mr. Brooks paused and said something I thought I would never hear him say.

“No I’m not single. I’m engaged.” Mr. Brooks told me.