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i dont care if you block me.... i can still jock your quotes
i do it cause it pisses you off. you all over react. its a quote, not your life.
its forgery? i dont fucking care. have fun. its a website. not a class in college.
try reporting me, ill just come back.
no point in freaking out.
i dont give a shit.
youre done with me?? ive been long done with you.
oh wait. haha no cause ill just jock your quotes.
btw commenting on a quote saying this is mine... doesnt do shit??
and your pathetic insults make me laugh
YOURE A WHORE- actually i have a boyfriend and im not a whore cause i dont sleep around.
YOURE A MOTHER FUCKER- actually i dont fuck mothers
YOURE A SLUT- same as a whore...?
GO FUCK YOURSELF- im pretty sure thats impossible.
your insults make me laugh. i wont jock the supporters. ill just jock you.
... more.
whos everyone??? lol like 15 people????? learn the deffinition of everyone before you use it dumb asses.
♥<-got a heart :) so now i dont have to say heart lol