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Well hello there world!
My name's Elizabeth.  Yeah I got problems, but they're not too big.  I'm sixteen and feeling on top of the world, (most of the time at least).  My best friends are those crazy, amazing,beautiful inside & out kind of people.  My heart was stolen by a silly boy named Jon and he's kept it for eleven months.  Awww how sweet, right?  I'm just like any girl; I love chocolate, hugs, stuffed animals, and flowers.  I hate drama, stereotypes, and dogmindedness.  Lately, I've been in total adoration of weddings for some reason.  Music is one of my passions and I'm constantly finding new artists to listen to and enjoy.  Check out my profile and I'll keep you updated on what I'm listening to!  I've also started a Tumblr, which I'm addicted to.  It would be www.dearlybeloved-.tumblr.com  Check it out if you wanna!    However, if you actually know me in real life, then I just ask that you try to refrain from talking to me about it.   I'd rather keep thinking that none of you know about it so that I can post whatever I feel like without feeling like I'm going to be judged.

Quotes by what_if_i_still_love_him


                                        People are                 unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. 
Love them anyway.
                                          If you do good, people    may accuse you of selfish motives.
Do good anyway.

                          If you         are successful, you     may win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway.

                                            The good you do           today may be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway.

                             Honesty            and        transparency make   you vulnerable.
Be honest and
transparent anyway.

                              What            you                  spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway.

                 People                         who            really want help may attack you if you help them.
Help them anyway.

                              Give the             world the best you               have and you may get         hurt.
Give the world your best anyway.


A love story
can never be about full possession.
The happy marriage, the requited love, the desire that never dims:
these are lucky eventualities but they aren't love stories.
Love stories depend on DISAPPOINTMENT,
              on unequal births and feuding families,
                                       on matrimonial [boredom] and 
                                                                at least one cold heart.
Love stories, nearly without exception, give love a bad name. 
We value love not because it's stronger than death
                                                                       but because it's weaker.
Say what you want about love:
                                                                       You will not go on loving in the grave,
                                 not in any physical way that will at all resemble love as we know it on earth.

The perishable nature of love is what gives love its
                             importance in our lives.

If it were endless,
                              if it were on tap,     
                                                           love wouldn't hit us the way it does. 

And we certainly wouldn't write about it.


Here's to the girls...


who laugh so hard they cry, who know how to have a good time,
the girls who can take a joke, who can make fun of each other, but
more importantly who can
make fun of themselves.  Here's to the 
who have late night phone calls and no-sleep sleepovers, the 
girls who sing karaoke at
one in the morning and dance in their
 Here's to the girls who listen as you pour your heart
out and
hold you when you cry, who stay on the phone with you
even when no one's talking and comfort you through your sobs.

Here's to the girls who push each other down the stairs and have
random slap fights, the girls who call each other names and trip
over their own two feet.  
Here's to the girls who steal each other's
chairs and fight over the last cookie. 
(Yah here's to those idiots.)
Here's to the girls who harass you when you slow dance with a 
boy and try to sing the song to you using a cell phone as their
 Here's to the girls who see your smile but now you're about
breakdown, who always know what's on your mind, the girls
who know no, you're not fine and who understand the message
hidden in your lies.  
Here's to the girls who never left your side,
who think you're beautiful inside and out.  Here's to the girls 
 who never stopped loving you.                     Here's to        
best friends.


makes us act like we are fools.
 Throw our lives away.
        For one happy day.

 Storms may gather and stars may collide. But I will love you until the end of time. 


     And now my heart stumbles on things I don't know
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this weakness I feel I must finally show

as you are are,     
              as you were,
   as I want you to be.



& I find it hard not to laugh
when he has a new girlfriend every week
                       and each one thinks she's special.



I wish I could do better by you,

Cause that's what you deserve.
                          You sacrificed so much of your life, in order for this to work.