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Some people are so pathetic, that they come into are life for instance, lifts u to cloud nine, and then again, abruptly throws down back into square one. They seem not to know how much one take it by heart, and more importantly, how humorous they feel in front of the entire world. 
I believe the Captain's incidence for once was horrific, pretending to be thrown out... And then again 2dy when your school's best orator gets no stand... Had been waiting for the Yule to hit back and for my chance to lift the trophy this yr, succumbing to the last yr's third position. But it seems that the third-best speaker is ignored...
When you ask a question long enough, and it goes
unanswered, because the mind fears uncertainty, you will
unconsciously develop your own answer through self-talk
based on what makes the most sense to you at that time.
After that, you will still ask the question, but in a rhetorical
manner, because you have already decided for yourself
what the answer is.
you gain some and lose some in the bargain of life
If you keep on trying, one day will be your day, but if you quit trying there will never be the day.
Be remembered for something that remains young in the hearts of generations.
My mother married my father
because they were in love.
She did this
In a world that frowned upon
marriages from inter caste because
it was believed that
one sect of religion was better than the other.
In that world,
she married from another religion
despite every family member’s No,
despite every obstruction.
Her love is brave.
While growing up,
I saw her love this man
with all her heart.
She gave up everything
for her trust in love,
in his love.
Her love is soft
and hopeful.
She got gentler
more adjusting
in a house that was different
from the one she grew up in,
the one she had forsaken.
Her love is giving.
I was born through my mother’s love.
I was brought up with that type of love.
The all sacrificing, brave, gentle kind of love.
But darling,
My love is hesitant.
Because I know,
Love is not made of one person loving too
My mother’s love was this beautiful because
my father met her halfway.
My father’s love is strong.
His love gives.
His love braves storms.
His love is fearless.
He took all the love she gave
And knew how to return it back
without expectations
with more of him
and with love
that defies reason.
My love is brave too.
My love may not be loud
but it echoes
with your name.
This is the legacy
I grew up with.
How can you look at me
and expect any less?
So, meet me halfway.
Meet me halfway
in between this madness and reason
where love made a home
from broken traditions
and young, hopeful love.

Never be afraid to try, remember . . .Amateurs built the arkProfessionals built the Titanic

If you don't know how to sing it, close your eyes and just feel it. ..
Life is all about what we accept not what we except.
Life is all about what we accept but not what we expect
And when my show is over and the applause is loud, in tears I’ll look in the crowd for a face like you. But you won’t be there, will you?