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❝True friendship is when two friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side." - Josh Grayson, Sia

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seafoam* 4 years ago on quote #7068893
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I think even when it is right, it's hard, but in a very different way. The kind of hard that benefits both people. That gives more than it takes, and adds to your energy instead of draining it. But, certainly, it shouldn't feel like fighting an uphill battle just to get that person to listen to and respect you. That's the kind of struggle nobody needs.
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Raxin 4 years ago on quote #7068490
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What? (just joking)
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seafoam* 4 years ago on quote #7067916
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It's super okay (actually so normal it's expected) to have doubts and some regret after making a difficult decision. It's just your conscience, something that everyone has but not all are in tune with. Yours is simply well-developed, and for that you should applaud yourself.
When making a decision, you can't immediately know exactly what consequences and rewards it will entail, no matter how many possible outcomes you create in your mind beforehand, so you can't blame yourself or be so fearful of this unchangeable fact that you don't make any choice at all. All you can be sure of is that a decision will always result in something else, and that something will cause other somethings to occur, and it becomes an endless string of events that are all varying degrees of positive or negative -- but all somehow contribute to your growth and wisdom. Making decisions, big and small, every day, is the only way we can continue to live and thrive. Each one moves us forward to the next, keeping us sentient and dynamic. And so no decision can be labeled a word as definitive as 'right' or 'wrong'. It's simply a decision. All are necessary and prove purposeful in time.

Feel free to leave a message on my profile if you want to talk more, now or whenever. You don't have to struggle with anything alone. <3
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whatdoidoo 4 years ago on quote #7067916
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This was so nice to read and actually so helpful. You are so sweet. Thank you <3
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