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When Forever Ends 2
part thirty hope you guys liked it :)sorry about the sucky ending.
Jade's POV;
My tutor came for the first time in over three months today. The rest of the guys decided to go to a local private school. "It was expensive, but better than staying at home all day," as they would say.
You could definitely say that I was upset that summer was over, but I was even more upset that it was my first school year without my dad asking me how I was every day when I came home.
Making a lot of friends was out of the question for me this year, but I still had Ty, Kay, and Alyssa. They would always be there for me.

I woke up and realized that my arm was across Ty's face, and I looked like a deformed chicken. It was a good thing he was asleep. I got dressed for the day, and went into my living room to see that my mother had already let in Krista, my tutor. Parker was still sleeping, and so was everyone else. I wondered why they were still here, when they had school. I threw a pillow at Parker, and he woke up, checked the clock, and got up. Good work, Jade.
"Ty, you gotta get up, man," Parker shook him.
It was going to be a good year.
I could already tell.

The End. <3 (:
(No, I'm not doing a part 3, please don't ask.)
Hi readers ,

I just wanted to tell you that I won't be writing for a few days. Don't worry, though. I'll be back soon. :)

Love, whenforeverends♥
When Forever Ends 2
part twenty nine i hope you guys know that vans are shoes.e y 
Jade's POV;
I woke up at about 12, since I fell asleep at almost 4. I had to take a shower, because I looked disgusting. It was a quick one, though. Afterwards, I put on my makeup and blow-dried my hair, and went downstairs to see that Parker had invited Kay over, and they were in full make-out mode. I knew they were going out, but I never knew that they were like that. I went up to put Parker's phone back in his room. Ty was sleeping.
"Ty, wake up."
He didn't move, so I jumped on him.

Ty's POV;
"Jade, what the hell?"
"Ty, hey."
"Hi, Jade."
"Come on," she said.
"Wake up!" She said, throwing a pillow at me.
"Why?" I asked, throwing it back.
"Because I'm bored."
She was really cute. I was so glad that she still liked me.
"Fine, fine."
I got up and noticed that I wore my Vans to sleep. I laughed at myself, but she didn't notice.
She kissed me, and jumped on my back. I carried her downstairs, and we just watched TV for a while. Of course, it was Harry Potter that we were watching.
I hate Harry Potter.
When Forever Ends 2
"So, you dyed your hair?" He asked.
"Obviously . . . " I replied, trying to hold onto the anger.
He rolled his eyes in response, and took out his phone. He called someone and after a two minute conversation, he flipped his phone closed and looked at me.
"What?" I asked, as he just stared at me.
"Nothing. I really like your attitude, though," he said sarcastically.
"Good." I got up and walked away. He changed so much.

For some reason, I walked home. Parker was in the pool with Ty, Kay, Jake, and some new guy who I didn't care about. I took a shower and scrubbed my hair with dye remover for about an hour until the red was all gone. I put my contacts away, but I didn't throw them away until I needed them for later. The pool seemed like a good idea right now, so I put on my bathing suit, grabbed a towel, and headed outside.
When Forever Ends 2
It's been a few weeks since Ty and I have talked, but it was never really awkward anymore. Tonight, Kay and I would be going to the beach. It was going to be fun , I just knew it. I called her over at about 1, and made sure that Jake didn't hear me say anything about the beach. If he did, he'd probably show up and try to make me jealous , like he usually does.

We put on our bathing suits and headed over to the beach. It was so hot out today, almost 95o.
"Woah, only a week until school starts," Kay said. I was brought back to reality, and my stomach dropped. I realized how nervous I was, and immediately wanted to go home. I contained myself, though, and went in the water to soak up the last of the happiness I'd be feeling for a long time.

Or not.

A muscular, but not too muscular, figure came over me and picked me up. Being that my eyes were closed, I didn't know who it was. I opened my eyes and screamed, trying to be cute.
"PUT. ME. DOWN!" I laughed. He did, and you'd never guess who it was.


My smile faded, and his did, too.
"Whaaaaat?" I was so confused. This is not what I expected. He looked hurt.
"H-hi, Jade."
Well, this was awkward.

"I needed to see you one more time."
"Well, who said I wanted to see you?" I said, still feeling angry about what happened.
"I just felt it."
He was actually . . . Right.
He kissed me. It took my by shock, since I remembered him as awkward and shy.
When Forever Ends 2
part twenty two -Who likes my sexy profile picture? It's Enrique<3.
Jade's POV
I still didn't know if Ty and I were still going out. To be honest, I didn't want to be with him anymore. We didn't really talk anymore, and things were starting to get awkward. Surprisingly, Jake and Ty both left our house for a few days. They went back to their own homes, but just for a few days. I was surprised to see that Ty lived in a huge house. It was bigger than mine. I wondered why he always wanted to stay at our house.
"Ty?" I called from outside his window, which was on the bottom floor.
He looked surprised, but he opened the window so I could climb in.
"What's up?" He asked, still surprised.
"Nothing. I just think that we need to. . . . Talk."
"Okay. What about?" He asked, nervously.
"I just think that this isn't--"
"Working out? Me neither," he cut me off and finished my sentence. I was glad that he understood. This was working out the way I wanted it to.