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Quotes by whenlovehitsyou

you know that tingling feeling when you start to like someone...

yah umm...

that is common sense leaving your body
why can't people stop being fake, why can't they just say what's on their mind and how they are feeling, what is stopping everyone from doing this, they don't want to hurt peoples feelings? they want this persona about them that they are all just sweet and nice? well sorry but I'm here to break it down for you, everyone is fake at times, everyone lies at times, everyone has hurt people before, its just you have to decide which ones you are willing to have in your life, and that even after all that, they still love you, and putting all that aside would still do anything to have you, cuz even if they did every single one of those things, they don't mind fighting for you, cuz love concures all
You're only as good as your word**

Don't make me regret trusting it 
The irony of choking on a life saver**
If you can't like me enough to date me

I don't like you enough to "do things"

Get back to me if you want something real 
Enjoy life and soon the right one will come along to enjoy it with you. It is a proven fact that when you start believing in yourself and your happiness comes from within, others will become attracted to that, some will try to hate on you and push you down, but if you are generally happy you won't have time for those negative haters, only time for the people that make your aura shine brighter. 
Maybe when you guys were together it was good....
But look how it unraveled...
You need to accept what was and move on to what can be 
Instead of going after a girl for her apperance
Go after her for her personality, her intelligence, compatibility
Why is that so hard to find?
Oh yah! Because most males generally think with one part of their body... 
I wanna be with you... 
I wanna be with all of you....
I don't know if it  will be forever or just now
But I'm so crazy about you
Nothing matters more then just being in the now
And letting the later work itself out 
Never under-estimate your intuition