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My favorite book is The fault in our stars. My favorite authors are John Green, Rick Riordan(Percy Jackson series), and Suzanne Collins(the hunger games series). My biggest dream is to travel the world

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before you assume that you may have depression or low self-esteem, first check to see if you are not, in fact, just surrounded by as sholes.
you know you hit your lowest point of being low when you start procrastinating your showers
Please be good to me
Hey Wittians! Im totaly stuck right now. Im trying to find some more good books to read but I cant really figure out what. My favorite book is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I really like books with strong female leads so if anyone can recommend some books that would be great. Thanks!

i dont own ugg boats because they are too exspensive...... glad i go that off my chest.
Today my five year old cousin got suspended from kindergarten for 5 days for punching a kid in the face. Why did he punch someone in the face? He called an African American girl ugly because of her skin color. When the teacher asked why he punched him he said, "No girl is ugly. They're all pretty like Cinderella"!
10 things that lasted longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage: 1. Her s/x tape 2. The NBA lockdown 3. Planning her wedding 4. The pause that Dora the Explorer does when she asks us a question 5. Justin Bieber's chest hair 6. Licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop 7. The 2011 east coast earthquake 8. An Iphone battery 9. Michael Jordan's baseball career 10. Minute rice
I love the new Miley! She's such a great role model to younger girls. Her dancing at the VMA's was totally cool and appropriate - no one ever
I don't get why guys like girls with big butts. Butts are like 2 lumps of fat bellow your back that make sitting down comfortable, whats attractive about having big butts?
as much as people on this website talk about how "accepting" and "loving" they are, I find it extremely annoying that when someone post a comment or quote disagreeing with homosexuality and gay marriage all h.ell breaks loose. Why is it okay for someone to have their opinion about anything else, but as soon as they say "I disagree with gay marriage" or "I think being gay is wrong" they get all kinds of crap? If someone was saying "I hate fa.ggots" or something than getting angry would be understandable, but why is it okay to disagree with everything else but as soon as you express your opinion, which is everyones human right, they are attacked by a bunch of rude, closed minded, hypocritical people, who refuse to see that its okay to disagree with something they may agree with? Theres nothing hateful about simply disagreeing with someones lifestyle. I don't find anything "accepting" and "loving" about saying really mean things to people who are just saying what they think.
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