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Hey there, I'm Kate, Im a freshy woot woot. I hate talking about my self soo... yeah. Well I've been on witty way back when it was black and the witty at the top was rainbow colors...
My lifes pretty awkward, but ya know thats how I roll.
We'll hit me up I love to talk. :)
Song of the day:
Story of Us by: Taylor Swift
Gabby 10.31.10
Jon 3.29.11

I just want you to care.

 Credit for the layout, cursor, comment box, and music player too _RandomRequests!!!! :)
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You say you love the rain
but you open your umbrella when it rains,
you say you love the sun
but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines
you say that you love the wind,
but you close your windows when the wind blows
this is why I got afraid when you say you love me too

Quotes by whishingheknew123

 I got a candy cane from "Santa Claus"
His bestfriend told me it was him
I really hope he wasn't lying

 I love how...
When I say guess what, you kow exactly what I'm going to say
When I look across the room at you, you look back and smile
We wait for each other after class
People ask if were dating
You always make me smile
I vent to you and you just listen
You said you'd beat those guys up
You always make me laugh
I love you.


Okay ladies I know he's cute
But he has a girlfriend,
Lets respect that.

He rememebered something from 2

years ago...



format by: idance.

I love when he remembers  
little parts of our converstations
once the conversations over.

I faced my fears today.
And it was because you were by my side

Lets go on a road trip.
Just you and me. 
I'll get the Fabreeze.
You get the keys.
We'll drive and drive.
Out of this messed up town.
Singing as loud as we can to everysong.
Windows down, hair blowing around.
So right now

Lets go.


I have so many feeling about you that I want to get out, but i don't know how to say them in a way that makes sence.  

He Dropped me off after youth group, and my familys faces were... priceless.
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