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Am i the only one who has a boyfriend
who swears he likes you a lot
but can go five hours without texting you?

drives me craaazy!
He looks like hes 2 years old,
and sounds like a chick!


i know im not the only one,
that when texting
him , and he doesnt answer within five minutes,
checks their outbox to make sure it sent
Who agrees that;

We all take those facebook quizzes about love,
Just to see if our crushes name pops up.
Even though we know that would be too good to be true.

I neeeeed help!

So i met this guy at the beginning of the school year when i moved to a new city, lets call him bob. He knew i was seeing somebody at the time, we can call him jim, but we still talked quite a bit. Things didnt work out with my other guy and i knew they werent cause we always faught and stuff. Me and Bob both said that we had an instant connection even just texting. like its actually weird, and hard to explain! So me and bob hung out lots, almost every day for a month. Whenever we would hang out he would ask me if this is what i wanted since i just got out of a relationship a few days before. I kept saying i didnt know yet. When deep down i knew i did. We told each other a lot, i told him every one of my secrets. We texted each other or talked on the phone every night. Finally i told him that this is what i wanted and that i was so happy when i was with him. The next day he told me he didnt really know what he wanted anymore. I was completely torn up, kinda still am cause he was the first good relationship that ive ever had. We still talk every once in a while though cause we agreed to be friends. But heres the catch, a few weeks ago he told me that the psychic that he seen told him that he would see the girl he would marry in his dreams. He told me he did and she has blonde hair and bright blue eyes. So do i..i know it could be total coincidence and that theres lots of girls that have blonde hair and blue eyes. She also told him that he would realize the love for this girl in less than 3 years. Right now everybodys saying hes trying to make me jealous with this other girl in one of my classes. But says he still has feelings for me here and there cause he hasnt been with anybody else since me?


Im so confused. please help :(

My definition of love:

telling that one person every little thing,
wanting them to know all your secrets, even if they're embarrasing.
when you look at them you know its the real thing.
you can sit there, not saying a word and everything is perfect.

am i the only one that thinks this? :\
and tonight at 11:11 i didnt wish for that one boy
i didnt wish for a good mark on my test
i wished for everything to be the way it was last year,
because those girls were my everything,
and now it seems like they're slipping away from me.
i love them more than anything!
this wish is my everything.
i want you to realize
the tone in my voice
when i say, im fine .
you promised me you would never show me you bad side.
you led me on for over a month.
you called me cutie and made me feel good.
but now you wont even talk to me.
just like im