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hey i'm whitney/whit/whitters
twelth of april '94 is my date :)
which makes me fifteen.
in year ten, aka sophomore.
loves god with everything;
love going on witty, when i have time.
plays basketball ^^
overuses smileys
lives in australia!
pretty much the coolest looser youll ever meet
cus thats how i roll ^

Quotes by whitters

Best of friends for years;
closer than you can i m a g i n e
Talk to each other daily            ♥
I don't k n o w just when it happened?
If only I could tell you how I feel inside ...

♥   I still love you
I still want you
I still need you
 I m y  l i f e 

If I could I would pull it up and rewind
To the time when it was just me and you
Oh how we were inseparable
If I could I'd pull it up and rewind
To the time before you went away
Wish I could go back to yesterday
If I could I'd pull it up and rewind
So I sit down and I had try
Are you living up in this life?
I know if I could I'd pull it up and
Flo Rida - Rewind [Ft. Wyclef]
& ive come to realise
life isnt perfect
it can't be and never will be
but boy, when im with you
its the closest possible
thing to perfect
----------------- <3

i never noticed it until today
but boy, your actually

really cute
in a group of people
the first one i would
look for is

everyone has someone
in their life that
keeps them looking forward
to another day
---------------------- ♥

no credit; just made it look pretty.
credit goes to tootsiex3baby
: i  want   you  to 
: grab       my       waist   
:  kiss  my  softly  on  the    lips
: smile  your  cute  smile   &   say
: " b   a   b   y     i     l   o   v    e    y    o    u "
. .  . .  . .  . .  . .  . . >>

sorry not good with colours,
but make it pretty?
give me credit please :)

we don't even talk anymore
and i'm feeling so much different to before
and it feels like my whole life is crashing down
but you know...

i wont let you go ♥
it started...
when i met you
i didn't like you like that
but i thought you were kind of cute
you talked to me online
but i didn't really care much
because i was obsessed with him
we became good friends
we talk everynight
and hang out often
we're best friends
and i think i'm in love with you <3