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Alison | 14 | Single
I'm a St. Patricks Day baby 0f '97(:
I love my friends and familyy;
even though I don't act like it sometimess.
Musicc is my life &&
I probably wouldn't be heree without it(:
My friends help me through everythingg.
My older brother is one of my best frannsss(:
Most of my quotes and formats are mine(:
If not I give credit, always;
&& all of my quotes come straight from my heart<3
I add unneeded smiley faces after almost everything(:
I'm extremelyy outgoing and loudd!
Soccerr and snowboardingg are my lifee(:
I'm pretty insane and weird..but that's mee!(:
I'm unique(:
Thanks for reading all of this, if you did, I love you!
OH! Comments and followers are much appreciated(;

Music: Justin Bieber | 30 Seconds to Mars | B.o.B | Eminem | Lil Wayne | All Time Low | Drake | Akon | Chris Brown | Coldplay | Bruno Mars | Black Eyed Peas | Aaron Fresh | Jay Sean | Nicki Minaj | Craig David | Kid Cudi | Bruno Mars
&& many many more(:

Laugh Often | Love Much | Smile Always



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Quotes by wildthang1254

There are lots of things I really like besides girls.
Like pizza.
And pranking.
And Chuck Norris.

~Justin Bieber~

I was born to be somebody,

Ain't nothing that's ever gonna stop me.

~Justin Bieber~

I wish I never fell so deep in love with you && now it ain't
no way we can be friends.

Think about it; 
Out of the billions of teenagers in the world,
only 155,652 of them have Witty accounts. 
&& you are one of those lucky kids.


I'm well aware of your reputation.
I just want to be known as the girl
that changed it all. 

Hannah Montana
is officially

Hannah Bongtana
                   ♥ minee

be careful.

Sometimes, you search so hard,

you lose yourself.

                      ♥ minee

Putting your hair back to wash your face and looking like you have a mullett.

How am I spending Valentines Day?
Well, I'm having a movie date on my couch with one of my best guy friends and one of my best girl friends and we're making sundaes. Sounds like a pretty awesome day to me.