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Alison | 14 | Single
I'm a St. Patricks Day baby 0f '97(:
I love my friends and familyy;
even though I don't act like it sometimess.
Musicc is my life &&
I probably wouldn't be heree without it(:
My friends help me through everythingg.
My older brother is one of my best frannsss(:
Most of my quotes and formats are mine(:
If not I give credit, always;
&& all of my quotes come straight from my heart<3
I add unneeded smiley faces after almost everything(:
I'm extremelyy outgoing and loudd!
Soccerr and snowboardingg are my lifee(:
I'm pretty insane and weird..but that's mee!(:
I'm unique(:
Thanks for reading all of this, if you did, I love you!
OH! Comments and followers are much appreciated(;

Music: Justin Bieber | 30 Seconds to Mars | B.o.B | Eminem | Lil Wayne | All Time Low | Drake | Akon | Chris Brown | Coldplay | Bruno Mars | Black Eyed Peas | Aaron Fresh | Jay Sean | Nicki Minaj | Craig David | Kid Cudi | Bruno Mars
&& many many more(:

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Quotes by wildthang1254

That ping of hurt you get in the pit of your stomach when you see him.

~The one that built you up only to break you down again~
~The one that made you believe he loved you but then changed his mind when you fell hardest~
~The one that changed the definition of forever to temporary~
~The one that you want back again~
~The one that you hate loving~
~The one that promised to catch you when you fell but walked away~
~The one that you wish you could get over~

~The one that you no longer wish to remember~
That one friend that drags you over to your crush and starts talking to them about you as if you're not even there.
I got my phone taken away.


I had 2,777 texts this month.

A $300 phone bill for my phone alone.


Heart break: When he shatters your heart into a million little pieces that are near impossible to pick up. You will spend months, maybe years trying to find every.last.piece. But, the truth is, you'll never find them all. You may find enough of them to make your heart look the same as it did before, but you will always feel that one missing piece, that one flaw, the one that will scar your heart forever, and you will never be the same again.

&& this morning, I woke up to a text from  


He always talks about how badly he wants that one girl that's perfect. The one with the perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect eyes, perfect personality, perfect life, perfect everything. He always talks about how badly he wants that one girl that will make him happy. He always talk about how badly he wants that one girl that means the world to him. He always talks about how badly he wants that one girl. And now he has her.
&& it's not me.

Has anybody ever
felt this way?
Has anybody been
ripped apart?
Anybody given
to the
[one they love?]

**not my format, credit to whoeverr**

I keep on running, keep on running,
nothing works;
I can't get away from you.
No, I keep on ducking, keep on ducking you,
nothing helps;
I can't stop missing you.

~ Kid Cudi ~

All my life I've been good, but now, I'm thinking

what the hell;

You can like someone
stop liking them;

You can hate someone
stop hating them;

But you'll never stop
loving someone.

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