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moments-One Direction
Authors Note-Chapter 20 hello Eleanor  xxK

 I was woken up at two in the morning by my phone vibrating next to my head. "nnngmmffff'ello?" I mumbled into it.
"Eleanor its 2am."
"Oh. Sorry. Time difference. I forgot. Anyway, IM COMING TO ENGLAND!"
"wha-?" my sleep hazed brain wasn't exactly making much sense of what she was saying.
"ballet troop.....invited.....performing.....see you in a week..."
The line was crackling until it suddenly buzzed out when I dropped my phone. I rubbed my head where the pillow had hit me and glared in Diannas direction, gave her the finger and tried to get back to sleep.
going on tour made me realize how unfit I was, so at 6am I got up, pulled on leggings and an old tank top with some sneakers, grabbed my phone and snuck out. I absolutely hated running but it was better than panting osatiate. 'la la land' by Demi lovato was blasting through my headphones as my feet hit the hard cement. I wasn't sure which city we were in, but it was a maze of streets and soon I realized I was lost. The city was starting to wake and I really didn't want any paps to snap me in my daggy workout year, so I punched in the familiar number.
Niall pulled up five minutes later grinning from ear to ear. "You realize you were two streets away." he laughe. "shut it Irish boy," I grimaced and climbed into the car. I was suddenly conscious of my ratty hair and bright red face, as well as my unflattering leggings and singlet. You know those girls who exercise and look like healthy greek gods? I was not one of them.
i thanked Niall and went to shower. I couldn't be bothered washing my hair, so I pulled it into a simple plait. Then, I grabbed some light flouro pink skinny jeans a plain pale turquoise jumper with black flats. I joined the others and we jumped in the bus.
"Can I do your hair guys?" bec pleaded. We were doing small gig in a club, so the stylists were less fussed about hair and makeup, concentrating on the boys.
"NO!" we all yelled. Bec was notoriously bad at hair, apart from messy buns. After a few braiding incidents, we refused to let her near us with hair ties and bobby pins. The boys wandered in, curious about the yelling. Th looked great in simple jeans and button down shirts. We were still in trackies and, in Amy's case, duck pajama. She probably would've performed in them if  we'd let her. "are they being mean Becky?" Harry asked. She pouted and nodded. "you can do my hair!" becs face lit up and Harry sat in front of her, obviously not thinking straight. The rest of us had to then choose stage costumes."I don't see why I can't just wear these," Amy complained, so she went off with Liam to see if there was anything duck related. Dianna and Zayn were acting really weird around eachother even though i knew they kissed, but i figired they'd sort it out. Phoebe and Louis were mucking around in the dressing room and Harry was still obediently letting Bec braid his hair. I looked away when she brought out the sparkly butterfly clips.
"What about this?" I was distracted from my thoughts as Niall thrust a gorgeous teal dress in front of me. It was quite short, with elbow length sleeves and a cut-out back agold studded shoulders.
I shoved Phoebe and Louis out of the dressing room and pulled the dress on, attempting not to smudge my makeup. It was really pretty but edgy to. A hand peered over my stall holding gold sparkly heels. I laughed and put them on.

When I came out, Amy was wearing a fringed singlet with ducks on it and highwaist black denim shorts, showing off her enviably flat stomach, Phoebe was wearing a backless tribal print tank top and low rider skintight jeans and army boots, Bec was wearing massive pink heels with a shredded mint green jumper and a highwaisted multicolour skirt and Dianna was wearing atight dark blue dress and silver shrug.
I looked at Harry's hair and gasped. it was braided from one side of his head to the other with sparkly pink and purple butterfly clips. Lou stuck her head in and gasped a Harry's hair. It was time to go on, and Harry would be doing so with butterfly clips.

The boys did their set first, and as we stepped onstage i saw Niall mutter something to Harry, who turned and lood into the audience. I followed his eyes to.....Alex. He licked his lips and gave me a subtle wink. He held up a small cardboard sign, which I had to squint at to read. It said 'Meet me afterwards'. Once satisfied that I'd read it, htturned around and walked out.

hey guys, ive been meaning to get fit so
every night im doing the call me maybe squat challenge on youtube, squats to bangarang by skrillex and lunges to 22 by lily allen.
the reason in saying this is im looking for a witty fit buddy!
comment me if you want more info :)
plot twist: celebrities have posters of me on their bedroom walls
so i was singing 'bad romance' by lady gaga and my brother came up to me and yelled 'POKER FACE'
and then proceeded to jab me in the eye
moments-One Direction
Authors Note-Chapter 19 ITS DIANNAS 15 BIRTHDAY! They grow up so fast *tear* so.......Dayn!!!! xxK
"Yo DJ M, whattup?" I wandered into the almost empty bus. The others had gone out for lunch, but I had some History homework to catch up on and Zayn had passed. Again. I knew there was something wrong. It was our fourth day on tour and he was barely speaking.
"Zayn?" I looked around the bus. It was really dark, all the curtains pulled. I swung one open and bright light filtered through illuminating the tiny dust particles flitting around. I stopped for a moment to admire theback to my search. I heard a muffle grunt form one of top bunks and clambered up. Zayn was huddled under the covers, fake sleeping very badly. I prodded him gently. "What's up mate?" he sighed and stuck his head of the covers, blinking quickly in a fruitless attempt to  stop a tear slowly slide done his cheek.
h e hurriedly wiped it from his face.
"It's Dianna," he sniffed loudly. "I.....I think I'm in love with her."

"What do you guys think is up with Zayn?" Dianna asked worriedly. "I dont know. He's not usually like this,"Liam answered, equally worried. They sat down at table and were about to order when Bec hot a text.
"Oh God," she breathed. The others turned to look at curiously. She swallowed nervously. "D-Dianna? I think yould see this." she held the phone up to Dianna, who's face slowly paled. She let out a loud sob and ran from the cafe. The others looked at the phone. On it was a picture of Jake kissing a beautiful blonde girl.

I got Zayn to explain to me what it was. After he poured hart out, I had to think about it for awhile. "Look Zayn, can't keep  avoiding her. It's obvious to everyone." "I  can't tell her. She has a boyfriend." I sighed. I knew Zayn would be an amazing boyfriend, unlike Jake. SuddeNly, Dianna burst into the bus with tears streaming downher face.
"J-Jake cheated on m-me."
Zayn jumped off the bed and grabbed her in his arms, strokinng her hair and whispering kind words into her ear.
"WHERE THE HELL IS THAT NO GOOD PEICE OF RAT SH*T!," I yelle,d interrupting Zayn. "IM GOING TO SMASH HIS FRICKING FACE IN." I left, giving Zayn a sly wink. He gave me a horrified look, but I was out before  he could stop me.

Zayn swallowed nervously. He didn't want to take advantage of Dianna, but he was so angry. How dare this Jare guy break her heart! 
"W-what if he was my last chance at love?" Dianna sniffles into his shirt.
"He wasn't, trust me. A girl like you could have any guy."
She looked up at him. "Even a guy like you?"
i response, Zayn tilted his head down and planted a kiss sweetly on her lips.
Me: checks witty
me: has heart attack in the library
friend: 228 notifications?
friend: has a heart attack in the library

*why I love her*
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