Status: "Pudge. Pudge, what you must understand about me is that i am deeply unhappy."
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this is kathy
generally attempting to make people laugh

i like one direction, books, danisnotonfire, amazingphil, weird people and music

feel free to come have a chat to me, i won't bite :)

i ship myself and cheesecake #kathcake

twitter: @kittyisanoddity


Quotes by willyoubemyleprechaun

girl: omgzz ma boyf iz lyk sah sxc omgzz iz gunna lyk marry him 4 realz he iz juz sah perf itz just cray and omg he luvs meee sah mch we gunna B tgtha 4eva
Policeman: So she just grabbed the Oxford English Dictionary and slammed her head against it multiple times?

i like how in the early stages of friendship your typing is all “Hey, what’s up?” but then it slowly progresses into RANDOM CAPITALIZATION OF EVERYTHING AND YOU YELL OUT YOUR LOVE FOR THEM

you are not alone in this
These secrets are walls that keep us alone
i wonder if i've ever saved a life?
I'm calling you at 3 AM and I'm,
I'm standing here right outside your door
And I don't think that my heart can take much more
sometimes I want plankton to succeed because I want to know the krabby patty secret formula to
Grab my waist
              Kiss my neck
    Bite my lip
Own my heart
if you don't tell us what's wrong, we can't help you
it's ok sweetie, who cares about the rest of us?
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