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this is kathy
generally attempting to make people laugh

i like one direction, books, danisnotonfire, amazingphil, weird people and music

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i ship myself and cheesecake #kathcake

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willyoubemyleprechaun's Favorite Quotes

We used to be "us", two halves of the same whole. 
Now it's "you" and "I". I'm less than half. You're more than one. 
I hate it when people are mean to other people when I'm there. I don't know if I've missed why it's funny or something like that, because if someone calls a girl "fat" or refers to someone as "ugly" or anything like that when I'm there, I just want to crawl under a rock and hide, because I can't stop imagining how the person they're talking about would feel if they heard.
Yes, I want a Valentine. No, it doesn't have to be with someone who I will spend forever with. I just want like a guy-friend to ask me to be his Valentine. We don't even have to be dating. I just think the whole idea is cute. I'm not complaining that no one's asked me yet, most guys don't have the guts to do it, lol. I know I won't be "5ever alone" & I'm not even saying that. I just want a Valentine, and we just need to be cute. It's not even the fact that it's for people in relationships, I don't want to date my Valentine. It doesn't have to be a one time thing either- we can just regularly get eachother chocolates.

yes i cut
yes i burn
yes ive starved myslelf
where in the above lines does it involve YOU? im getting sick of these things traveling around school. Yes, i have depression. no, if you ask me about it i wont cry. if youre gonna make fun of me for the things ive done, learn about my life. i dont care if you like me. just have the guts to say all this stuff to my face. im not dealing with this stuff this year. i really cant.

on a stormy sea of moving emotion,
tossed about, i'm like a ship on the ocean.

I didn't know what I expected you to say. Maybe that you did still love me and that much you know. Maybe that you made a mistake and wanted me back. I didn't expect you to confirm my worse fears. 
This quote does not exist.
Somethings never change.

1. I still Love you
2. You still don't Love me
3. I still don't Love myself
4. Food and sleep are always there for me.

white lips, pale face, i hate the entire human race