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My name is Kayla Winslett, I go to brilliant high school, im 19, i like to write poems, i love to sing, fish, i play sports im a mother to a beautiful daughter! :)
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Quotes by winslett18

You're making me start
actually believing in love again,
ecause of you.. im not wanting
to kill myself or have negative thoughts,
because of you, im happy again, and i cant
wait to see you friday:')
Did you know that DIET drinks are worse for you then regular drinks?
They put Embombing Fluid in them, thats what they put in your body
after you die.. Its only in DIET DRINKS!
Even though i only met you one day, 
always find a way too put a smile on my face,
You make me so happy and that I will not replace
r you have saved me from this, 
Terrible place. :)
I no longer see you at all, 
r you're just a GHOST once and for all, 
honestly believe that i still care?
ney you're just mist in the air, 
Talk all you want, 
t's okay, 
st remember, 
You're never there.
Peoples gonna hate, 
Peoples gonna talk, 
Just ignore them and walk the walk, 
Be yourself no-matter what
Soon enough They'll
     Shutup! :)      
Life?? HAHA Absolutely Perfect! :)
d an amazing weekend thanks
to you so therefore i thank you! :D
ven't felt like this in awhile
're so amazing! :)
Because of you i don't have to 
worry anymore, its as if time stops
and you was the only one there, 
i can't wait to hangout with you again 
this weekend because i know
that it'll be the best time ever with 
you i can leave all my worries, my fear, 
the sadness, my anger, and more all 
behind me and just live my life!:) 
I may be hurt, but i try my best to hide it.
Im giving up on everything, and everyone, 
because im totally done, just completely 
done. I feel so alone, nobody cares for me,
Never has and never will, so yes
i do officially give up.The only place i feel safe enough to 
cry at is in my room cuddled in my bed, 
along with my teddy bears that he bought me
other then that, i hide behind a smile. I 
intend on keeping it that way.
Trust is EARNED,
in Order to be Trusted
you gotta Prove
that You've Deserved It..

Just Saying! :)
Not sure how much longer i can take
all this pain.. Ha, thank god.. dads actually
gonna let me transfer schools. I won't have to
see your faces anymore, or have to worry about
yall anymore, hurt myself over yall anymore, it'll be
like yall Never Existed, but this weekend is gonna be
the best because I'm gonna get to see my second
addy, I'm his ONE and ONLY ponytail
and i Promise you, you'll NEVER replace me there
weet heart! :)
Thank you so much Keana. If it wasnt you for talking me out 
of doing the worst thing ever i would be dead right now.. 
So thank you for talking me out of doing the biggest mistake ever!