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Witty is my second sercet idenity that I actually be myself on. Im sick of being someone else for other people and getting judged. Im a normal person like everyone else so just treat me that way. andd ya:)

Quotes by wintergirl88

People are selfish no one ever cares. Life is a show
I love him, but I a different him more
I miss you. So damn much. It just hurts the most you dont miss me. Your the guy.
Every time I get behind the wheel alone I think about just driving right off the road into a tree or a river and drifting off to heaven where I belong
Stop eating.
Stop caring.
Stop breathing.
I have to face some people are just incureable and this was their givien path to death it's just life
I feel so alone.
Im only 16 and I have more regrets in my life then a 50 year old
I relize im the only one that can actully save myself and that no matter what treatment, or meds or people say im still stuck with my same mind everyday and I am the only one capable of setting myself free
no its not a birth mark, I self harmed myself.

no i didnt spend a summer at camp, i was in a hospital for metal stablitly.

and no i dont want to not eat because im full, its because I have an eating disorder.