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I'm Morgann. 'nuff said. (:

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He called todayy.. (:

How can he still make me love him after all hes put me through.. ?

Just Him&I.
Shootin' hoops.
Catchin' up on the latest.
Sending my mind through loops.
God, he's the grestest.
Makes me the craziest.
Oh and by the way,
The hug he gave me at the end
Made me feel more than a friend.

i can't find words to make a quote. i never can. My life is far from perfect. and still. . . nothing.

If only it could happen again...

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I didn't fall for you. You simply tripped me, stayed for a while. Once you knew I was doing just fine. You walked away.

Yeah, we fought.

The kind of fights where the words burn you. And the apologies cant keep the scars away.

A friend? No, thats not the right word. Could i ever get him back? So close to me? As a boyfriend? As something more? boyy, do i hope as something more.

Now, hes more than a friends, or boyfriend......he family.. Spending weekends in his basement, watching movies all day. Laughing and kissing till one of us couldnt take it any longer. Going places with eachother families, learning more and more abbout eachother, everyday.
All this, this year we spent together, wasnt making a stronger relationship, it was making.....something i cant describe. What we found together, what we had together was real, so strong, passionate and something ive never felt  before. It must of been love. It had to be love.

Now, hes gone. promises broken. hearts broke.
And today..i got a textt.,

from him♥
I kissed him today(:

im single.
hes not.

he must still have to love me♥