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I'm Morgann. 'nuff said. (:

Quotes by wisconsingirl7

And right now....

my feelings.

my thoughts.

the stuff i want to tell you.

won't come out!
Still loving him. <3

Never will quit.

both single.
he told me he still loved me.
i told him, i was still falling.
he said.
"i promise ill catch you"

i think he may be the one...? =]♥<3
and today...he kissed me.
we arent even going out anymore.
he had the biggest smile on his face after that kiss.
that second.
i knew.
he still loved me.

when i write all over my notebooks "i ♥ J.B"

no i dont mean::

Justin Beiber.
Jonas Brothers.
Jack Black.
or anything like that.

i mean::

Joshua Baumgartner. <3

[the guy i have been in love with, ever since i gazed into his eyes]

damn do i miss him. </3
And today would haveeeee been 15 months. </3

Okayy, so let's live for what we want right now...


and i want you.

He says he loves me. . . is it true?