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I'm Morgann. 'nuff said. (:

Quotes by wisconsingirl7

 Sometimes it's best to be the fun, outgoing, funny, spazzy, hyper, childish, adventurous, caring, sweet, laid back girl he fell in love with. :)

its not about being what other people like and want you to be. . .its about being yourself and finding someone who loves every bit of you. =]

im jealous of every girl that has ever hugged him because for that small second, she was holding my entire world.


I'm scared because... 
  i dont want anyone else to have your heart.
  i dont want anyone else to kiss your lips.
  i dont want anyone else to be in your arms.
  i dont want anyone else to be the one you love.


I'm scared because i dont want anyone to take my place.

you've opened my eyes to a whole new world

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