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I'm Morgann. 'nuff said. (:

wisconsingirl7's Favorite Quotes

What else can you do
when your best
wasn't good enough?


One day
I'm going to get up and leave.

There will be no warning.

No chance to say good-bye.

I'll be here one day, gone the next.

Maybe then you'll learn to not be

so oblivious.


Boy: You are the most funniest and most beautiful girl I have ever met. 

Girl:You're not getting in my pants...
Boy: Wow and smart too

Ohh Twitter, You always bring Hilarity...



whoevebroke Adele's heart

made her f*cking rich ♥


Are you still mad?
Roses are red

...violets are blue?
I am going to run over you.
Yup still mad.

Those late night    
text conversations, where everything comes out, and you admit everything.

Admit it, once in your life,
you've tried to guess someones password and failed.

Holding her hand in public
Is just another way of saying you're proud to have her.

Hey it's (insert "his" name)! I just got a phone for Christmas!

Brb I have to go give myself the heimlich.. I think my heart stopped beating

Remember When
 we first became friends & we tried to act normal around each other?  L