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|16|New York|Terribly Insane|
Anxiety holds me back, depression drags me down.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling; but in rising every time we do."

I don't trust people... but I wish I could.

I wish someone cared about me. I really do. People
say they care but they never really mean it, do they?
They promise they'll never hurt you, but they always do.
They always do.

~Time cannot heal the wounds it created~

[+] Long walks, Ed Sheeran, the sunset, hugs from behind, tea in the morning, One Direction, when the flowers start to bloom, messy buns, Little Mix, Imagine Dragons, converse, criminal minds, Cher Lloyd, scary movies, Olly Murs, strawberry ice cream, cuddling, best friends, being called baby, talking on the phone, falling asleep on skype, Rizzle Kicks, laughing, pizza rolls, play fighting, tall guys, hugs, forehead kisses, internet friends, Marina And The Diamonds, Lana Del Rey.

[-] Anxiety, rude people, people who think they're always right, broken promises, waking up early, relapsing, silent cries, being alone, speaking in public, depression.

Please talk to me...


Quotes by wishfull_thinking

The quietness echoed in my head
Whispers filling the darkness
Screaming; taunting-
The monsters that had once exisited
Only in my dreams had made a
Permanent home in my head,
And they vowed not to leave
Until I promised to do the same.

Goodnight, you said;
goodbye, I said.
And you never
thought twice


She's back.

T h e   m o n s t e r.

I feel her.

U n d e r  m y   s k i n ,   I  n   my   h e a d .

S h e ' s   e v e r y w h e r e .



Someone, please, take away the sadness.


Apparently some kid from my school
found my witty and
showed it to my guidance counsler.

I will find you.

Her skin begged
to be sliced open.
Her body wished
to be tickled by blood.

Her eyes loathed the time
when they could close forever.

You're worth it.

You think you're okay.
You've been clean for awhile.
Then one night you have to urge to cut.
And you do.
But it's only one.
But then it's 20.
Then you remember how much you used to love it.
You wake up and feel disgusting.
You can't believe you did it.
That night you feel horrible.
Because you cut.
You weren't supposed to.
And now you're thinking,
"Well I already relapsed, what's one more gonna do?"
Now your skin is covered again.
Jeans in the summer, long sleeves in the sun.
No one questions it.
You become more depressed with each mark.
And the more depressed you become,
the more cuts you make.
Now you're back in that dark hole,
even though you thought you were finally okay.

Relapse & Recovery is a never ending cycle.

That's why on the back of a brown paper bag
He tried another poem
And he called it 'Absolutely Nothing'
Because that's what it was all about
And he gave himself an A
And a slash on each damned wrist
And he hung it on the bathroom door
Because this time he didn't think
He could reach the kitchen.

I am so alone.
No one cares anymore.