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Quotes by wissapooh

             Just making this quote to inform everyone..
        I am done making quotes. I'm serious this time.

             I've made this decision before; and many people asked me 
          to come back and start making quotes again. So I Did.. I tried. 

But people still to this day are jocking MY quotes; and getting credit for MY quotes.
                    I'm done.

- I just want to say Thank You one last time.. to all of my followers
and everyone who has ever faved ANY of my quotes. I appreciate it.
            Dear Haters;
   You might know my name, my mistakes, and my flaws..
           But you will never know my story.

          I can't  wait  for the day..
         When I get to look at you;

       and feel absolutely nothing anymore..
      Me: If you had one wish, what would it be?
                  My boyfriend: To have you.
                Me: But you already have me..

          My boyfriend: And that's all I want;
                I don't need anything else..
Me and my boyfriend were chatting on Facebook..
And eventually; the conversation turned into this..

Him: okjhjfjhgjhg


Me: sdghfjsdygdjfg


Him: kjgkutd


Me: ghjfjtyj


Him: oolhjgfdiloveukjgkkj


Me: gsdgdfgiloveyoutoosdfjsg

- I know everyone probably thinks this is stupid; lol. But I don't care.. I thought it was adorable :)
    I don't ask for much..
 I just want to be the reason for the smile on your face..
              To her classmates;
                           She is a quiet girl.. who doesn't talk that much.
                 To her friends;
                          She is a funny, outgoing girl.. that always makes them laugh.
               To her best friend;
                                         She is a crazy, fun girl.. that's always there for her.
                To her boyfriend; 
She is an amazing girl.. that he loves more than anything
                 And to herself;
                                           She's completely worthless..
 You don't really know how much you care about someone;
          Until they stop caring about you..

                  To every girl..
            That's ever been judged my people who
                 have no clue how hard her life is;
                 That's ever had her heart broken;
          That's been put down and treated wrong
            by the people who claim they "love" her;
                    That stood out from the crowd
               and refused to be like everybody else;

      That's been stabbed in the back my a so called "friend";
                  To every girl..
            That has been through so much pain
              but still stands tall all on her own.

                   This one goes out to you..