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Hey beautiful (:
My name is maya . I'm thirteen and I live in New Jersey , I hate it here though , I can't wait to leave . The only thing I really like about this place is the people I've met in it , they're some of the best people I've ever met . Without them , I would be dead . I love all of my best friends more than anything . I love music too ; I play guitar and I sing ; singing is my passion , it means everything to me . I write sometimes , I need to start writing more though , because I don't write enough . I love learning new words , the bigger the better ;) . OHHH . And I'm probably one of the most INAPPROPRIATE people you'll ever meet . I live vicariously through quotes and song lyrics that explain how I feel . I have absolutely no self esteem , like a lot of girls my age .  I absolutely LOVE meeting new people , the weirder you are the more we'll most likely get along (:
PLEASE talk to me sometime <3

You only live once so live life to the fullest , never regret anything . Stop worrying about whats wrong with your life and focus on whats right . Take chances and never let anybody tell you that you aren't good enough because thats BULLSHIIT . You are fuucking beautiful regardless of what anybody thinks . Smile , because you're alive and THE WORLD IS YOURS , so explore it , because theres so much beauty in this world ; adventure awaits you . Never lose hope because someone , somewhere is thinking about how amazing it would be to meet someone like YOU . And never ever give up because anything worth having never comes easy .

I'm always always ALWAYS here if you need to talk 
I love all my beautiful witty girls 
Hello, This is the profile of possibly the most amazing girl alive. I am Mayas BEST FRIEND Missy(Missyk). Maya, I love you. You are my best friend and nothings going to change that. YOUR FUCKING AMAZING. I love you with all my heart. You've been there when nobody else has. Your the only one whos never left me and we've never been in a fight. I can easily say that your one of the most important people to me right now. Forever&Always, Maya♥ #migmance

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