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Fuck the feds^.^
too much trouble
with the feds ...
school sucks
I'm Maisie♥
the peope 
bellow are
My Faggs♥♥
R.I.P Max♥
^i miss my baby boy:(
Tom hickman♥(hates me now ;( )
R.I.P Grandad♥ i miss you so much (reason why i wasn't online alot
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Quotes by Maisie*

a year ago since me and  tom broke up :( looking through our convos im so sad ;(
i will miss you for ever ...
Once apon a time life was easy I didn't have a Dad that abused me my Grandad didnt have cancer but when I was five I didnt think about life like that ....
follow yellowpink cuz he's awesome hes always there for everyone when they are feeling upset jamie is awesome and has so much swag it goes to the roof so yeah follow him now
all the time we were together I said I loved u and I meant it u said u wud never let me go u did and its hard loosing the one.but until we broke up I didnt reailse how much I love you and I will NEVER find someone as spesh as u Tom ;c
@1D the wheels on the tourbus go round and round round and round round round the wheels on the tourbus go round and round all day long bit too much eximent fot nial and his spoons c;
I cant stop this feeling baby only u can make me come alive when we crashin its a pasion boy u got my heart on overdrive (oliver helden ft becky hill gecko overdrive)
"baby ive never stopped loving u it just hurts me to see tht were not together anymore_eeeeeeee"from my own song baby
Just please dont say u love me cos I might not say it bck