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i dont have a picture of me sorry you must be disapointed ;D HAHA i also have a witty little sister! her witty name is rrrnnn1211 so follow her too!  okay thats all peace out witty (= oh yeah i follow back and ill always comment back to you! Yep soo dis guy is my bestest friend ever and hes freaking amazing and the sweetest guy you'll eva meet so yeah follow him and stuff:) Love youu bestfriend!!!<3 Jillian-(pandaloverjillian)

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i would rather be single than be getting hurt in a relationship
all good thing come to an end ~
who needs a relationship when u have food and internet
two months ago. i asked out my best friend, and she said yes. its been two great months baby. i love you :3
me and my girlfriend have been going out for almost 2 months now. best time of my life. i love her and she is perfect. < 3

~ comment whether you see smiles [(:] or sad faces [):] lol
when you spend the whole day with your girlfriend and 1 minute after see leaves you text her and wish she was with you. :3
when your girlfriend hugs you and you never want to let go
Can someone comment on my profile please! Im boring and want to talk with someone. :3
Hey witty peoples. Somebody comment on my profile im bored. So hmu ^_^