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i dont have a picture of me sorry you must be disapointed ;D HAHA i also have a witty little sister! her witty name is rrrnnn1211 so follow her too!  okay thats all peace out witty (= oh yeah i follow back and ill always comment back to you! Yep soo dis guy is my bestest friend ever and hes freaking amazing and the sweetest guy you'll eva meet so yeah follow him and stuff:) Love youu bestfriend!!!<3 Jillian-(pandaloverjillian)

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*buying stuff at the store*
Cashier: "Are you buying all these?"
Me: "NOOOOOOO, I'm stealing them,
I just wanted to show you first".
I cant change
Even if i tried
Even if i wanted to



&     J  u  s  t  i  n    B  i  e  b  e  r       s t i l l

sounds like a girl to me...

I'm always dissapointed when
a liar's pants don't actually 
catch on fire.

Witty should defiantly have a
re-quote button by now...

Being a good person is like being a goal keeper.

No matter how many goals you save . Peeple will remember only the one you missed

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When I forget to press send,
then continue sitting there waiting for a reply like an idiot.
Whatever you are - be a good one of it.
"We are all a little weird and life's a
little weird, and when we find
someone whose weirdness is
compatible with ours, we join up
with them and fall in mutual
weirdness and call it love."
-Dr Seuss
I just sit back and laugh when I get hate