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Monnaye // 14 // Britain // December 3Oth. As you've probably already guessed, i love One Diection. I live in Britain and I have a crazy life. Niall James Horan is mine ok. ONE DIRECTION // Ariana Grande // Ed Sheeran // Owl City // Plain White T's // Demi Lovato // Selena Gomez // Justin Bieber // Cher Lloyd // Conror Maynard // Katy Perry // Little Mix :)<3
Mrs Horan.

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i was thinking about eating my own tampon the other day

then i thought no maybe i should sEE A PSYCHOLOGIST INSTEAD???
I havent been on in forever. Sorry, Twitter has kinda taken over my entire life.
Please, ask me stuff, chat to me on anon, send me imagines, anything to cheer me up - Ask.FM/Monnayee
I need advice:)

I'm 14 years old, i am 7 and a half stone and 5"1. I am not fat, although for some reason my thighs have never been thin. I have always wanted to be a model. I'm told i'm very pretty and photogenic. I'm interested in commercial modelling, not runway. Here's me :P

I know you guys see so many of these quotes and think 'yeah, whatever. you're just doing this for faves' but please listen. It makes me genuinely so upset when i see or hear about people self harming. I know sometimes life gets so hard, to the point where you cant take it anymore. But self harm isnt the answer. Im not gonna go on about how 'kids in third world countries have such tougher lives' because seriously, you dont have to be a starving child just to have problems of your own. But cutting wont help. It's not gonna solve your problems. Is it because you think or have been told you're ugly or fat? Well f.uck whoever said that. You're beautiful. Flawless or not. Is it because you have family problems? So do i. Big ones. But you know what; if you want a rainbow, you have to put up with a little rain. No matter how long it lasts. It will all work out sooner or later. I can't nessecarily help you through a computer. But again, if you ever feel like cutting or having suicidal thoughts - I'm gonna be here for you to talk to. ~Or you can DM me on Twitter @iHoldHoran~
I love you x
Okay; is there any singers or aspiring singers here?

If yes - I'm going to sign up for singing lessons, and was wondering if one hour per week would be OK?
delivery guy: package for josh nichols.
josh: thanks. have a nice day.
delivery guy: don't tell me what to do.

guys, i know this is a really dumb question ..
but how can i save £32O? ;3
This One Direction fandom is out of hand.
I'm in it, and i will never leave,
but majority of the girls/boys in it are just crazy.
They've been brainwashed into thinking they are best friends with the boys and that the boys are their life.
They verbally abuse people who dont like One Direction,
they think every little thing One Direction do is cute and needs to be broadcasted to the whole world,
and they think that they are superior or somewhat different to every other human in the world.

We're just here to support the band. You dont need to get all ape sh*t about every little thing that happens with them.
because of constant hate and abuse,
zayn deleted his twitter.

i hope everyone who sent him hate is happy now he
feels like crap and felt like he had to delete his twitter.