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Quotes by wittybabe1999

Me: Mom can i-
Mom: No.
Me: oh.

The guy i like finally chatted me on facebook and asked me if i had a phone♥
11:11 wishes really do come true♥
*Me when i was little*
Hey, what's your little baby doll's name?
Me: Baby:)
No, i'm not one of those girls who compares my self  to a potato..
Sadly, i realized potato's are 10 times more attractive than me.

We are never ever ever,
getting back together.

Plot Twist: Steve is the one holding his horses.
 Remeber when we were little girls and all we wanted was to get our Period?            
Such idiots.  

 Saying you'll wake up early to get something done, then in the morning convincing yourself it's not important.
anyone else?(:


I don't need this! My man has two jobs!
Fave if you know where this is from♥

Bluetooth: Making people look like they have imaginary friends since 1994