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All about me!!!!!
Hey its Maya. And im back with a new and improved profile!!!! So..... Im 13 years old crazy fun funny silly a little strange and really really LOUD. I love my firneds to death even though they drive me crazy. I can be slightly boy crazy. I in love with this on guy and hes my friends. My fav sports are hockey, soccer, baseball, VOLLEYBALL, bastketball and tennis. Im in the "B" of kids at my school. imma big nerd and PROUD to me one. Im stronge willed and powerfull so scerw with me or my firends....... well you better watch out bitch!!

Check out my blog at http://crushesfriendsdrama.blogspot.com/ 

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Its only fun until someone gets hurt...
Then is funny......

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Reaching for the sky 

Im the yellow brick road..... follow me... <3
Running really fast up the stairs feeling that there's a demonic force behind you.......then seeing its your little sister.......
I wonder if in the year 2017 if there'll be BookTwitterSpaceFace?
Love; The way i will always feel about you; the way you never felt about me..... </3 

You know you've had a bad day when droping something makes you cry

I dont sleep anymore because of you.. Cause i know if i go to sleep ill dream about you and ill wake up crushed and feel the pain again.

If Fallin in love was a sport in the Olympics I would get a gold medal

 Succeeding in love was a sport in the Olympics i would Fail epicly .