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Hey, I'm Natalie! I LOVE to write and dance. My jam is tonight tonight. As you can tell. :)
Oh ya and I also LOVE to swim! I am on the swim team! Haha!
I LOVE  my followers SO much! They are the reason I am here!
Well i might write a story on witty though. Tell me if I should!
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Oh and MusicIsLove563 (Ally) and I wrote a story on her page!
It's called Love Ivy.
Please check it out! It is AWESOME!
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                          THAT moment WHEN you're JUST like,
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is that
                  When you say you HATE your parents but you know you still love them...........

b y 
m e !

My mom: Honey would you like some chips
my mom:
Here (leaves TV room and goes back into the kitchen)
ER....arw the muppets on??
NOPE! Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!

          "Snape, Snape severus Snape

           FROM THE hARRY Potter puppet pals
                                                  MY ANGEL <><><><>

       There I was, standing solemly in front of Alicia's house. I don't know what was stopping me from entering (of course besides the fact that there was a possible intruder inside). My friend was scared out of her mind and all I could do is sit infront of the house where it would happen. what are you waiting for Daisy, get your a** in there! startled by my own scolding, I slowly crept through the door and ventured into the darkness. "H-hello?" I quivered, hoping that only silence would reply. Or of course, the reassuring voice of Alicia proclaiming that she was okay! Definetely NOT what happened! Blinded by the darkness I tried to make my way through the hallways softly calling for Alicia. When suddenly I heard footsteps. I looked to the right and then to the left but only to find myself peering into utter darkness. I remembered where the closet was just by feeling my way around so I crept into it. I bit my lip and swiped the baseball bat from the shelf. I heard the creaking of the rocking chair that was right behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw nothing..at least I thought. I heard more and more footsteps then Alicia's scream. I looked almost every which way left, right, over my shoulder. Little did I know I looked everywhere but up.
               MY ANGEL <><><><>
I remember thinking, what do I have to live for. It  wasn't what you think it was....I was forced into it. Have you ever done something just because you thought you would go to he// if you didn't. Don't be offended but I USED to think god was just a made up superior power genorated to make you want to do good things out of the fear you might go to he// if you didn't. Until I saw Alicia suffer. It was a frosty autumn evening and I was sprawled on the couch watching classic cartoons.  The hot chocolate that I just finished off was currently churning in my stomach when, I heard the phone chirp from the other room. I sprung from the sofa and anwsered the phone with my new signature salutation, "If your heart was really broken then you would be dead." However, it wasn't who I thought it was which resulted in my embarassment. It was my friend Alicia who was screaming bloody murder. That's when a prayer sprouted from my lips for the very first time.
A fighter isn't just someone who can throw a punch. A fighter is someone who is/was battling an ilness!

A fighter isn't just someone who can throw a punch. A fighter is an illness survivor. A homeless person. When I see those people that's when I say, "there goes a fighter"
who hates it when people do reposts and dont warn you first!!!! srry that i reposted but i did warn you. dont read them!
Like if you love your mom
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