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Quotes by wittyforeverxx3

I think I finally figured out my problem...

I'm way too trusting of people.


"hold your curser over this quote"
is the new


admit it

yawning = automatic double chin


hannahlovesxox fade
that amazing moment
when you find the perfect format for your quote


once you forget about why you were so angry

                                  you remember why you were so upset

You said you’d never let me go
So why aren’t you holding on?
You promised to never leave
So why aren’t you here?
You told me I was perfect
So how come I’m not good enough anymore?
You said I was the only thing that made you happy
So how come you’re still smiling?
You said I was your life, your world, your everything
So why don’t you need me anymore?
You looked me in the eyes and told me you loved me…
What did I do to make you stop?




best feeling in the world?
when he cries over you 


guys always tell us what we want to hear
whether they mean it or not
s o   h o w   a r e   w e   s u p p o s e d   t o   k n o w   w h a t   t h e y   a c t u a l l y   f e e l ?
don't you

                          the reason you loved me,