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 Listen and silent are spelled with the same letters. 
So pay attention to me,

& shut up. 

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That one class that you have no

friends in.



Me; Mom, I'm going to my friends house.


Mom; You have friends?
Me; -_________-




I remember                   When ; 

                                           I actually thought  you were something worth waiting for.

n  m  f 

All I want is to be loved. Is

that really too much to ask?




I heard you found someone new?


Yes, and he's better than you.
Can he make you smile like I do?


No, but he never makes me cry like you do.




Did You Know that....

it is not humanly possible to say bubbles and pat your stomach at the same time

You tried didn't you?


One Directiothings#148

Louis: *Wins thumb wrestling contest*

Harry: * Kisses Louis' thumb (mwaah mwahh) *

Louis: Harry it's getting weird now


Social life:
Homework: Baby come back
Social life: No
Homework:You can blame it all, on me
Social life:No, stop.
Social life:
Social life: Forget it.

Host: You've stolen Harry's hair !!

Liam: Well you know, I mean, He's got great hair.

Host: He does have great hair.