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Life's a bitch; get over it.

Quotes by wittylvr101

I will never be your first kiss. I will never be the first girl you sleep with. I will never be your first love. I'm not your first valentine, first fight, first teddy bear, or first date. I'm not in this just so I can be your first for anything. All I want is to be your last.
I would die for you to be happy and sadly, it seems like that just might work..
Sometimes, all you have  left  is hoping and dreaming...
And for once, I  thought  I was  actually    worth  being  loved ...
When you  hold  me tight in your arms, I know there's no place in the world I'd   rather   be<3
If you start at 0 and then count by 2's; when you get to 5 is when I'll stop loving you.

& boy, I just know that we'll end up spending the rest of our lives together. <3

I love you.

& I can't help but think we are the ones who could give forever a meaning.<3
What am  I  supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?