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you get done before everyone else during a test....
like a bosss:)
then you realize the smart kids arin`t done yet..
Come home to find no parents...aww yeah..dance party
Hours past and you think omg they could have died..
Right when they come home...ahhhh *hugs*
Waiting for a viedo to bufffer....
Put on full screen....has to buffer again:(
When your with your friend...
And all of a sudden her mom starts yelling and flipping out...
And you awkardly sit there....
Wishing you would sink into to couch:)
Zoned out in class..and..
The teacher calls on you..and..
You get the answer right...aww yeahh:)

Why did the window go to the doctors?
 Because..it had panes...;)
Looking at your ex...and thinking..was i drunk the entire relationship;)