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Don't stop fighting till your dreams come true

Hey beautifulssss! I'm Caroline and I'm 14. I love One Direction (Niall <3<3), Ed Sheeran and the Script. Couldn't live without my family and amazing friends. If anyone needs to talk or vent, I'm here for you. Go ahead and follow me, I follow back! I love ma witty sistahs/brothers!
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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Quotes by wittyspaz

I wonder if British guys like American accents...

or is it just us
Plot Twist of All Plot Twists: A guy likes me.


And when I finally meet the right guy,
he has to live thousands of miles


I just wish I could
with you.

When life is over,
how many people you've inspired and helped matters,
not how much money you made.


I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time
Know there was something that, and something that I left behind

I was here- Beyonce

When you figure out love is all that matters after all, it sure makes everything else
seem so small

 -Carrie Underwood

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On Septemper 5th let's all put a big W on our hands to see who else is a wittian.

Pass it on!
here's how all wittians can find each other:
Hold up 3 fingers in a W
when ever you're in public

Repost this and comment it so we can spread the word!

from AlpacaPerson
My sister drew a henna butterfly on my ankle
you know who I named it after?
you wittians

se don't kill it
-the butterfly project-

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