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Hey beautifulssss! I'm Caroline and I'm 14. I love One Direction (Niall <3<3), Ed Sheeran and the Script. Couldn't live without my family and amazing friends. If anyone needs to talk or vent, I'm here for you. Go ahead and follow me, I follow back! I love ma witty sistahs/brothers!
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Sometimes, all it takes is one person.

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One Direction Update
4/8/13 8:40 PM EDT
Hey everybody! So today the boys had a TMH show in Newcastle! Other than that, there's not much that went on today. The boys traveled up there by train.

Niall girls: If you've been reading this update for the past week, you've probably seen that I've been upset over Niall rumors. Let me tell you the girl who's been making these up is very convincing but I finally cracked her. She's a lying idiot (to put it in a nice way).  And besides Niall did a bit of question answering on Twitter today and confirmed that he is 100% single. He is NOT daing Zoe or anyone else. 

Tomorrow's Tour Info: They have another show in Newcastle at the Metro Radio Arena!

Rumors: No others that I know of

Links: The boys tonight: http://t.co/rmC2hFdYOT
Louis and Niall on stage: http://t.co/mb2N5zv5h5
Zayn and Niall: http://t.co/GUjdjESusP
Harry on Tom Atkin's Video: http://t.co/SdGFxNdt04
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i was on tumblr and i just saw a picture of a woman with a poem tattooed onto her
want to know why that's special?
I wrote that poem and posted it on tumblr six months ago.
my poetry impacted her to the point where she wanted to have it permanently on her skin. it will be with her forever; when she gets married, it will be there, when she has children, it will be there. it meant that much to her.

and i am speechless.


someone called me fat today at school because
i was eating chips in math class so i looked at them, then to my bag of chips, then poured the rest of the bag inside my mouth and without breaking eye contact, pulled out another bag from my backback and kept eating.


Do dogthink 
in barks

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          Me: *logs on to witty*
          Witty: *3 notifications*
          Me: And I would like to thank the acadamy...

Obnoxious 13 year old girl
I've lost so many things this year! I've lost my dog, my iPhone 5, my other iPhone 5, and my 7 boyfriends all broke up with me!
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Quiet guy         you forgot your virginity. 

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