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---->Hello Wittiers.
 I spend a lot of time on this website which only puts me to shame from the other amazing users.
I will take requests in my comments for names or sports or anything.[I am quite good at fades-check it out]
I never copy quotes and only a few times will I steal a quote and make it look good but it may be cooler than others so it is worth a try! 
I added this profile veiws because I felt icky(iCarly-Sam). I need your comments and follows and favs or I will quit:( Okay. Maybe nott.
About me:
- I love animals. All but the bugss... My favorite is the puma. But I also <3 turtles, horses, dogs, & cats.
- Music is just funn for me :\. I love so true lyrics, jumpy beats, and sometimes just plain stupid lyrics. Fav songs: The Warning(lol), You're a Jerk, Gives you Hell, Mr. Brightside, Scars.
Fav Artists: Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana, Rihanna, JoJo, Hilary Duff, Eminem.
- Manyy interests and possible futures. I love soccer for life. Horseback riding is fun. School is okayy. I love Picnik.com.Uuuhhmm... too bored to finish.
- Real life buddies: 

                                                                   keEp oN RoCkiN'-

Quotes by wittywords7

Phone quiz!
Got your phone?!

Yup, now i do :]
Who is the first person to come up under the letter M?
Who is the last person you called?
Who was your last missed call from?
Who is the second person to come up under the letter D?
Dani M
Who is the third person to come up under J?
Jen M
How many messages are there
What do you have as your background?
Who is the 5th message in your inbox from?
How many bars of signal do u currently have?
Idk how to read Verizon "bars"
Who was your last message from?
Who is the first name in your phone book?
Adam L
Who is the last person in your phone book?
Uncle Robert
Name every person you have messages from
No thanks
Who is the 5th person under A?
What does the sixth message in your outbox say?
are you on your way home now?

I like this quiz...

How many times did you cross your fingers to get past that lie?

Some credit to oxBrxooxkexo
monic           amon
icam  oni   ca  mon
icam   onica    mon
icam     oni      mon
icam                onic
amo                 nica
mon                  ica

Fav if your name is Monica! I take requests.
Hey Wittiers, I was wondering, is there a way to delete those wasteful users, like the ones without pictures and no quotes. And somehow they normally seem to have Last Login be from 1969. Comment with suggestions.
Send it on*
On and on*

Just one hand can heal another

Be a part*
Reach your heart

Just one spark starts a fire

With one little action

The chain reactio
n-->will never stop

~Make it strong~

Shine a light and

   Send it on 

Disney Channel Stars-Send it On
She wears short skirts--> I wear t-shirts                                             
She's cheer captain-->And I'm on the bleachers                                     
[[Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find                     
that what you're looking for has been here the whole time]]

If you could see that i'm the one who understands you been here all along so why can't you see-e-e 
you belong with me          
I always thought that BFF meant something more than just friends
So why have you put me in the situation to delete your picture
from my cell phone backround
And erase the once meaningfull exclemation points from your name in my phonebook
I no longer will call you first because if you really wanted to be my
BFF, you would call me first
I feel I've put enough effort into our friendship and it's your turn.

Can't find the courage to tell this to my best friend from preschool. Hopefully she sees this, because I still really want to be her friend, I'm just not going to act like everyone else who loves her. Please fav or comment! This one's deep ;]

Color Combos


red&green= Christmas!

Just starting... please comment with more!! I need your helpp!



I'm  NoT heRE

Away message!