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---->Hello Wittiers.
 I spend a lot of time on this website which only puts me to shame from the other amazing users.
I will take requests in my comments for names or sports or anything.[I am quite good at fades-check it out]
I never copy quotes and only a few times will I steal a quote and make it look good but it may be cooler than others so it is worth a try! 
I added this profile veiws because I felt icky(iCarly-Sam). I need your comments and follows and favs or I will quit:( Okay. Maybe nott.
About me:
- I love animals. All but the bugss... My favorite is the puma. But I also <3 turtles, horses, dogs, & cats.
- Music is just funn for me :\. I love so true lyrics, jumpy beats, and sometimes just plain stupid lyrics. Fav songs: The Warning(lol), You're a Jerk, Gives you Hell, Mr. Brightside, Scars.
Fav Artists: Miley Cyrus/ Hannah Montana, Rihanna, JoJo, Hilary Duff, Eminem.
- Manyy interests and possible futures. I love soccer for life. Horseback riding is fun. School is okayy. I love Picnik.com.Uuuhhmm... too bored to finish.
- Real life buddies: 

                                                                   keEp oN RoCkiN'-

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