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Quotes by wlidcat1996

i need to find friends

​can't you dsee im dying inside
cant't you see my dpression
cant't you see my heart breaking
can't you see im helpless

dear aunt sharon ,
i miss you like crazy there a part of me says your in a better place
use your not in pain but it still hurts i think about you every day
and it hurts more because everyone says i look like u
and yes i want to look like you cause your beauitful woman but man do i miss you
i know you cant see this or here me but if you are listening I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and  miss you like crazy ...
and want you to know that i have growed up so much i am about to
be 21 years old ...  and i hope you would be proud of me
am married now sorry you missed my big day you were in my heart the
whole time i love you and want you too know i miss you alot
and someday i will see you in heaven
you will never be forgotten
love ... jojo
why do you have to be so judgemental ?
​well when i went to see you today
it was so upset everyone cry
im trying to hold back my tears
to be there for everyone else
i can lose you
your a big part of my life and i would
be lost without you here

 when it feels like you are
walking on water

​i need to make new friend comment if you wanna be friend

dear dpression & anxiety ,
please go away make me strong make me
stand up to you
make me understand why the anxiety
is hurting me and makiing me cry
i am trying to hold strong its killing me
 why is there dpression
why why why

im lost in words
to say to you
i am broken

how can you walk away
from someone you put on this earth
how can you leave your child behind
how can you not call her
how can you live life not
kowning if she okay
the last time you heard from her was mouths
ago she tried to talk to you  but
you just push her away
can you put your lover before your
how can you go thinking it
fine but its not
how  do you know its not hurting
your child how can you
do it