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I never thought that when this day would finally come, I'd feel so horrible. I never knew I'd taste this pain.
Day Two
Nine Things About Me
1. I use art to release my feelings now a days. 
2. Getting all dressed up is probably one of my favorite things to do.
3. I'm quiet. Even to my closest friends.
4. I love to read, but I can't find an interesting enough book to get anchored into anymore.
5. Expressive writing is one of my strong points.
6. I aspire to be a scientist when I grow up, but I'll stay a kid as long as I possibly can.
7. I stress and get so nervous over the oddest of things. 
8. I hardly ever speak whats on my mind.
9. I have a high tolerance for people.
day 1- 10 things you want to say to 10 people
day 2- 9 things about you.
day 3- 8 ways to win my heart
day 4- 7 things that cross my mind a lot
day 5- 6 things i regret
day 6- 5 things i love
day 7- 4 turn offs
day 8- 3 turn ons
day 9- 2 words that describe my life right now.
day 10- 1 confession
Lily: You've always been there for me since we met. I can tell you absolutely anything. Its always a great time when were together. Especially our xhardXcorex conversations late at night. We've been notorious badasses since before kindergarden. from playing four corners at our two-way dead end streets to all the insane stuff we get into now a days. You're like my older sister, and you always know exactly what to say and give the best advice. some day, you'll be my maid of honor, and the godmother to my one billion babies.
Nick C: dude. you seriously rock. you're so chill and I know I can trust you. & after new years eve, there is pretty much zero awkwardness between us and I love it. You're a really good kid, I can see you going places in your life. I mean who knows, maybe we'll get married one day like your mom used to tease us with. Even though we consider eachother brother and sister now, we could still make our childhood dreams come true right? ahha.
Alex: I saw you playing hockey a few days ago with a bunch of your friend like things. I was kinda sad that you didn't call and ask me to play. I miss hanging out with you. You need to stop distancing yourself. I know your life sucks and all right now, but please just know you can always turn to your 3 bestfriends for support. We're in this together remember? LANJ until death do we part.
Nick W: I thank the Lord everyday that I'm free now. I no longer carry our burden with me anymore. Don't get me wrong, I loved you as much as a freshman could love a boy. But it's different now. You're different, I'm different. & honestly, theres nothing left for us. I'll still care, and ask about you from time to time, and I'd be sad if you died, but its been proven that we can't possibly be friends with out being at eachothers necks every ten seconds, and I don't hold feelings for the monster you've become. I value what we had, and it was a great lesson learned, but I'm not going to let you try to blame me for every stupid decision you make. Good luck with your life man. dueces.
Bill: You are the brother I am closest with. I could talk to you about anything and you'd understand. I know you know what i do with my boyfriend, but I value our brother/sister relationship where you won't say anything. You drive me to and from when I ask, and you're always there to be chill with. We have our fights, but at the end of the day I dont love you any less. I think you are an amazing father by the way. Even though you don't exactly have the opportunity to be with him all the time, its evident in the moments that you are that you love him more than anything on this earth. I respect you for that.
Pops: You're slowly losing it. It really makes me sad seeing someone who used to be the strongest person in my life slowly drift away. I was one of the luckiest girls in the world because instead of going to some preschool to eat snacks and have naptimes with a bunch of other kids, I had you to take me on adventures through the woods and teach me everything I know.(look how smart I turned out to be!) You were both a mom and a dad from 6:30am to 6 pm every day after you retired. You potty trained me, taught me how to walk, talk, run, and play all sorts of games. If I had a nightmare, you'd drag your mattress into my room and sleep on the floor all night. Not every kid gets to live with two parents, and a grandparent, but I'm really grateful for the experience. Thank you.
Mom & Dad: I may not be the perfect daughter, and I may have a wicked attitude and shut you out all the time, but I love you. I'm sorry I don't have a strong relationship with either of you. & mom, I'm sorry I'd rather help dad fix up the car than crochet a blanket. I guess I never really grew out of my tomboy phase. I'm really sorry for disappointing you and being a normal teenager. i understand you dont want me to turn out like you did, but at the same time, you honestly never talked to me about anything like this. ever. you cant really blame me either.
Tanner: I'm really glad I met you, and these past threeish months have been amazing. You're truely great. and theres no one else I'd rather be with. you really do make me happy, and I can't wait to go to the dance with you this Friday. <3
Aunt Stacey: I thank the Lord for an aunt as understanding and down to earth as you are. You never judge, and you get where I'm coming from whenever we talk. You take my side when my moms being a phyco and overreacting, and you watched me all the time when I was little, and i always had the best of times with you. <3 spending time with you is so much fun, and you and I are alot alike, unlike my mom and I. I dont really think she appreciates that, but I don't care.
Joe: I'm really sorry that I never gave you a chance. I only ever saw us as friends. I friendzoned you really harshly and I'm sorry. You're a great friend and all, but thats it. a friend. I really hope you understand.
I've never felt so alone in my entire life. I'm a screw up. Just like my brothers.
I ain't yours for no takingYou must be mistakenI could never look into your eyesAnd settle for wrongAnd ignore the rightWhen I found a boy who loves me moreThan you ever did beforeSo stand beside the river you cryAnd let yourself downLook how you want me now that I don't need you♥
I know you can see this, and I just want you to know that I'm sorry for the way ive been treating you. I want you to know that I will always be here when you need me, and I believe in you. You're such a strong person. Something I don't think ill ever understand. Even if were not friends anymore, or whatever you call this limbo stage were always in when we've been apart too long,ill always be here for you to talk to or anything at all. Whatever you need me to be. Well, that's it I guess.
You know whats great about 2012? I'm living for myself now, not you. I spent a whole year spending everyday loving you, or worrying about you, or thinking about you. but now. you hardly come to mind.  your handprints covered with pictures of my gorgeous nephew, and my heart is free from your grip. I won't answer your messages when they come, or the calls when all else fails. Its been awhile, but I'm finally acting like myself again. I love it. 

Happy New Years everybody.
Today was absolutely amazing. They way you kept your arm around me, and hugged me as.much as possible. And how you sat there for an hour trying to explain starwars to me. Than got all sad when we were leaving, andgot out of the car just to hug me. Than texting me as soon As I got in the door. I cant wait to see you tomorrow.