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My names Chris :]

All the poems are mine ; I write them all.
The funny quotes I find funny
I post.
I do take requests, want a poem written or want me to write about something? Kik me.

KIK:  Ask.
I'll always respond.

Football /Basketball & College Life 

"I've been through hell & back ; I felt the Devil attack. I've been down the wrong path ; I came back around & now I'm back on track."


Quotes by iLL-Legal AlienšŸ‘½*

It's okay to forgive..

And give them another chance. But sometimes
its better to forgive, let go and give YOURSELF
a better chance.

My diet could be described as..

"An unchaperoned child
at a birthday party."

I choked on a carrot..

And all I could think about is :
" A donut wouldn't have done
this to me. "

Do you ever walk in a room and forget why you 
went in there in the first place?
Thats God playing Sims and he cancelled
your action.


Does anyone else know.. A Snickers is just a Mars bar with


I just won 5 games of Trivia Crack in a row ;
Now I know what a true MVP feels like.



Sons Of Anarchy really has me testing my morals.



As a man..

You're supposed to be there for your girl.. You're supposed to protect her from getting hurt, you're supposed to stand up for her when someone is in her face or being disrespectful.
You're supposed to be tolerant of her attitude & understanding of her mood swings. You're supposed to be accepting of her flaws & be patient with her feelings. You're supposed to be faithful with your thoughts & committed to your promises made to her.
You're supposed to support her in everything she does & guide her into making good decisions, you're supposed to not judge her for her mistakes & not let her past get in the way of how you feel about her now.
You're supposed to love her even during the worst times & not leave when things get hard.

Some people aren't loyal to you..

They're loyal to their need of you ;
then when their needs change, so does
their loyalty.


Coconuts are neither chocolate nor nutts..