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Hi, my name is Elliot
You can call me Ellie if you want... so, nice to meet ya!
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About me: (if you are even interested)




thunder so much, scares the hell out of


did not make sense but oh well/ sowi, no gifs cuz i hav a

boring profile/

read my quotes/ my fonts are boring

too/not smart enough sadly/ aussie/i follow all my

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Ok, bye dudette. Or dude. Or alien. Or dog, cat, hamster,

remote control. o_o. Whatever you are, byeeeee


Quotes by wonderful_me

Harper: So, who are you taking to the homecoming dance?
Alex: My TV.
ooh, and guess what I'm wearing

Harper: What?
Alex: My couch

It's funny cuz in most movies, when a character lies, the truth comes out after some point

but when I lie the truth will never come out like...ever

Dad: Son, I'm going to arrange you to a marriage
Son: No
Dad: It's going to be Bill Gates' daughter
Son: Then ok
Dad goes to Bill Gates
Dad: Let my son marry your daughter
Bill Gates: No
Dad: My son is the CEO of the World Bank
Bill Gates: Then ok.
Dad goes to the President of the World Bank
Dad: Appoint my son as the CEO of your bank
President: No!
Dad: He is the son-in-law of Bill Gates
President: Then ok!

        ☁                          ☁ 
Happiness is like a cloud
☁        staying up there no matter  

  in rain or shine.
"Maybe the wolf is in love with the moon and each month it cries for a love it will never touch"

It's sad at how when a girl likes a guy who doesn't like her back, its shameful and meaningless
But when there's a guy who likes a girl who doesn't like him back, its like the saddest thing in the world

To the world
You may be one person,
But to one person
You may be the world. ❤

Literally, the best thing Amanda Bynes ever said ~~

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Everyone wants happiness,
no one wants pain

But you can't have a rainbow,
without a little rain.


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Why do perfume bottles come decorativaly in different shapes and sizes?
Like, doesn't it matter what it smells like on the inside than the looks on the outside?
 "Ooh, that perfume bottle looks so cute with that little twist and how we hold it on its side."
*found in the back of the drawer and never used ever again*
I left witty for a few weeks because I forgot my login. 
A month later I came back, and looked over at the top quotes.
I realised how much I missed them; how they make my day and put a smile on my face.
And so one magical morning I remembered my login and was able to become a proud wittian again,