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Hi, my name is Elliot
You can call me Ellie if you want... so, nice to meet ya!
not my format.


About me: (if you are even interested)




thunder so much, scares the hell out of


did not make sense but oh well/ sowi, no gifs cuz i hav a

boring profile/

read my quotes/ my fonts are boring

too/not smart enough sadly/ aussie/i follow all my

followers back/im nice so dont be scared/disney/ily

Ok, bye dudette. Or dude. Or alien. Or dog, cat, hamster,

remote control. o_o. Whatever you are, byeeeee


Quotes by wonderful_me

There is nothing worse than


Whenever I want to add a quote, I always make sure no one else had posted it too 
because I want to be creative instead of people think I had been copying someone else's quote
If I had to describe life in one word it would be...

Kid: Dear Santa, send me a brother
 Santa: Send me your mother  


I'd lie

"What's wrong?"
"Just tired."


"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine."


"What happened?"


"Do you need a hug?"
"No, it's okay"


"I'm here for you."
"You don't need to be."


No matter what you ask me...
no matter what you tell me...
it doesn't matter...
because in the end...

I'd lie

Why Do People Say They See Cats When They Scroll Over The 'Witty' Title?

All I see is a flashing rainbow...

I'm lost, can someone help me?
We are best friends
Always remember that if you fall, I will pick you up

...After I finish laughing

face down, a$$ up
That's the way I tie my shoes
If you want me in your life,
put me there,
I shouldn't have to
fight for a spot
I think we should have a vacation...six months a year....twice
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