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Hi, my name is Elliot
You can call me Ellie if you want... so, nice to meet ya!
not my format.


About me: (if you are even interested)




thunder so much, scares the hell out of


did not make sense but oh well/ sowi, no gifs cuz i hav a

boring profile/

read my quotes/ my fonts are boring

too/not smart enough sadly/ aussie/i follow all my

followers back/im nice so dont be scared/disney/ily

Ok, bye dudette. Or dude. Or alien. Or dog, cat, hamster,

remote control. o_o. Whatever you are, byeeeee


Quotes by wonderful_me

Sorry, what language are you speaking?

It sounds like bullsh*t

The First Three Words You See Are What You Want In Life
(if you want to share them, comment them down below!)

X  C  U  A  L  O  V  E  Y  K  B  W  S  N  G
D  U  A  W  K  C  B  E  A  U  T  Y  R  J  V
Y  O  U  T  H  F  S  M  G  N  E  Z  L  P  R
M  H  J  R  E  Y  W  D  K  Z  L  U  S  T  J
F  S  U  C  C  E  S  S  D  H  E  A  L  T  H
E  N  M  Q  X  P  T  I  M  E  L  M  S  A  Q 
V  E  X  P  E  R  I  E  N  C  E  G  H  B  W
G  H  U  M  O  U  R  L  O Y  M  O  N  E  Y
S  Y  Z  P  O  P  U  L  A  R  I  T  Y  N  A  K
A  M  K  C  F  U  N  B  X  H  U  Z  Y  I  X
C  W  I  H  Y  S  H  A  P  P  I  N  E  S  S
H  O  N  E  S  T  Y  C  F  R  I  E  N  D  S
K  P  Y  J  A  E  T  W  P  O W  E  R  Q  C
B  T  Y  A  C  F  R  E  E  D  O  M  J  M  O
R  I  W  I  N  T  E  L  L  I  G  E  N  C  E  P

Be My Friend?

a) yes
b) a
c) b


Mother: Oh, you know you can tell me anything! I won't tell anyone!

Me: Okay so... *tells her everything*

Mother: *tells dad*

Mother: *tells grandparents*

Mother: *tells aunts and uncles*

Mother: *tells her friends*

Mother: *tells her work mates*

Mother: *tells the next door neighbour*

Mother: *tells Obama*

Mother: *tells aliens*

PERSON 1: What does idk mean?
PERSON 2: I don't know

PERSON 1: OMG, no-one knows!

I'd rather have an enemy who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who  secretly put me down.

POLICE: Where do you live?

ME: with my parents

POLICE: Where do your parents live?

ME: with me

POLICE: Where do you all live?

ME: together

POLICE: Where is your house?

ME: next to my neighbour's house.

POLICE: Where is your neighbours house?

ME: if i tell you, you won't believe me.

POLICE: Tell me.

ME: next to my house.

"OMG, i've got something hilarious to tell you
well, first... HAHAHAHAHAHA
ok wait i'll calm- HAHAHAHAHAHA"

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